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Hello, my name is Courtney Riddell and I am a Designer and Product Manager based in Toronto, Canada. 

Growing up, I always loved the experience of travelling and exploring new places. My love for travel took me into a BCom program for Hospitality and Tourism Management, and eventually into a role where I helped hotels with their websites and digital marketing strategies. While working with hotel websites and booking engines, my curiosity and appreciation for great UX developed and eventually led me to go back to school for Interaction Design.


The journey that design work takes you on, can be just as exciting and eye opening as travelling a new part of the world. I am currently working as an Associate Product Manager for a SaaS no-code platform for SMBs.

Yasashii screens.jpg


YASASHII is a cultural guidance app to assist those visiting Japan with respecting and understanding new cultural norms. This project was a solo project to mark the completion of the Master of Design program focused on Interaction Design. 

Membership Page.png


This is an unsolicited UI redesign of the DISTI gin membership and sales website. This responsive website redesign was done with goal completion and improved usability top of mind.

SAC DASH Prototype.jpg


This is a campaign and community dashboard that was designed for She's a Crowd to assist with empowering students to run their own campus campaigns to collect data on Gender Based Violence. This was a course run project. 

Electric dash.jpg


The energy dashboard was a course assignment to redesign the management and user facing dashboards for Unicorn Energy. This was a solo project focused on creating an innovative new UI.

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