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She's A Crowd Campaign Dashboard
Empower and assist with community based story collection

The brief was to create a dashboard that can help motivate and guide university students that are leading action and campaigning  against gender-based violence on campus. We asked the question “How might we create a dashboard and onboarding process that is interactive and empowering for campaign leaders working with She’s A Crowd?”.


The outcome needed to be a dashboard with features for organising, tracking, and motivating the user through the

campaign process.

SAC Dashboard Prototype.jpg

The project began in a group context with two other designers (Fardila Jahan Lia and Yue Luo) assisting in the research.
Due to some challenges related to Covid19, the group project was discontinued and I was responsible for creating the design and continuing user testing.


In the research we discovered other products in this field leveraged previous victories to motivate users, utilised storytelling as a tool in the activism space and clear goal setting to reinforce user engagement. Through a cultural probe exercise we learned that inspiration and motivation for change is often inspired by the success and achievements of others. Interviews with student activists revealed that this type of work can be lonely, burn out can happen when they are without a support system and a lot of work goes into small victories.

All of this revealed a need for strong goal tracking, recognition of small victories and a need for community as a source of motivation and support.

Design Research and Testing

In developing the design there were some challenges in terms of technical knowledge and what type of information could be included for campaign tracking. Based on additional research we selected tracking elements that could easily be manually updated if automation was not in the scope of the future budget. The design also needed to motivate the user without triggering competitiveness within the community of other student activists. The goal tracking design was tested and and the outcome was a design that tracks larger goals while celebrating the smaller victories on the way. The community space was also designed to allow for sharing support through a “Like” function on the team updates.


The final design is an onboarding process and dashboard with campaign tracking, planning and a community space for celebrating successes and gathering inspiration from the achievements of others. It is now being used to inspire a real project within the organization. This project also lead to me work with the organization as a  contract Designer and Marketing Strategist.

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