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Disti Website
A quick and unsolicited website redesign 

Disti facilitates a local gin community where members receive a monthly bottle of local small batch gin to explore, along with a gin education and other perks. They support small local distilleries, while bringing people together over their love of gin. 

Opportunity/Problem Space

I wanted to improve the call to action and layout on the website to help improve membership signups and bottle sales on both desktop and mobile. In addition to these, I wanted to bring forward a design that highlights the mystery of the botanicals in each gin.

Current Website
Original Website
Redesigned Website
New Desktop Home Screen

After reviewing the website and attempting to signup for a membership and purchase a bottle of gin, I noticed a few elements of the design and user experience that could be improved. The purpose of the website is to facilitate DISTI Gin memberships signups and individual gin sales. The website needs to attract users to their service whether they are existing gin lovers or new to the spirit. 

With all these goals in mind, adding a stronger call to action on each page, was my first design priority. I leveraged the idea of “Mystery” and the allure of not knowing what gin you will get next, to inspire the redesign. Using the existing colour palette, I darkened the website and adjusted the images and their back drops to help them stand out. I also simplified where possible to ensure the most important information stood out.

Main Changes
  • Darkened the website backgrounds.

  • Changed design elements to increase the call to action and improve their visibility.

  • Simplified content to help the product and main information stand out.

  • Adjusted the mobile layout for easier left and right hand use. 

  • Improve contrast and navigation with WCAG requirements in mind. 

Mobile Pages
Desktop Pages
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